Men's Department

this ministry brings our men together to share the knowledge of what it is to be a Godly man.


Sunday School Department

teaching of the word of God is vital to the growth of the believer. Our Sunday school meets through various classes to cover multiple ages.


New-Members Coffee Break

the new member or convert has so many questions about the journey they have embarked upon. Coffee break for New Members gives space for this informative teaching.


Team Elisha

like Elisha was a minister to Elijah; this ministry serves our members of the evangelistic team



God has placed building in the heart of JC. Draftsmen ministry help bring vision to plans.


Altar Ministry

this ministry not offers physical support for those in our prayer lines but also spiritual strength to touch and agree.


Women Department

this ministry is for women to women by women.


Outreach Ministry

Well of Life created by Sister Latoya Jones, ministers to those in hospital Intensive care and Critical care units.


Singles Ministry

consist of JC singles learning and sharing what it is to be single living a Godly life.

Pastor's Aide

this ministry is in place to bless our pastor and first lady in the natural while they bless us in the spiritual.


Youth Department

our youth department ranges from first graders all the way to high school seniors. This ministry is a place where they can encourage each other in Christ.


Usher Board

our ushers are not only to guide you to your seat but to be first faces to welcome you into the house of the Lord.


Decoration Committee

from weddings to celebrating the various events of the church, this ministries beautifies in every way.


Music Department


     *Sanctuary Choir

     * Men's Choir

     * Women's Choir

     * Youth Ensemble

     * Children of Israel

     * ART of Worship


Media Ministry

from audio recording & video taping to photography of events and services this ministry encompasses it all.

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