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The history of Jesus Church began when Elder Mingo L. Thames relocated to MS from the Fold of Christ Church in Indianapolis, IN where Bishop Rodgers Archie was senior pastor in July of 1979.  His arrival to Heidelberg area with no Apostolic Churches to be found, led Elder Thames and his family to visit other church’s in search of spiritual nourishment. Elder Thames continued to seek God for spiritual direction and guidance as doors began to open and prayers were being answered.


In March 1981, Sister Rosemary Pierce of Samuel Temple asked, Elder Thames to preach one Sunday in the new church building located in Heidelberg, MS.  Before the month’s end Elder Thames accepted the invitation to preach every Sunday as God blessed, by adding to the church, saving souls and sending a fresh anointing to fill the church until 1985.


In 1985, God led Elder Thames to open his new home for a year and a half to the ministry. As additional souls came to the Lord, God continued to groom and prosper this ministry as a saving station.  During this time three faithful brothers and a handful of helpful boys began constructing a new building at 46 Ironwood Road, which was purchased by the church. With the brothers working on Saturdays while the sisters prepared meals, the fellowship grew and blossomed in the Lord.


On December 31, 1990 JESUS CHURCH was completed and the very first watch night service was held with the expectation of many more to come. With the church’s physical structure completed, on the inside God was and is still bringing forth his ministry. New souls were coming in and the Holy Ghost was falling in the services as God continued to add to the church.


In the next ten years time, test and trials came to strengthen JESUS CHURCH and so the ministry was impregnated with a vision.  This vision brought about a body of saints that are steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord. By 1997 the church became incorporated as an organization by the name of: JESUS CHURCH MINISTRIES, INC.


The year 2000 approached and with the turn of the century, the vision was birth out. The members of Jesus Church had grown up, but the care for the vision was necessary as it entered the infant stage. So the campaign started and would display our purpose within the vision. The pastor and now Bishop Mingo L. Thames has lead the flock with spiritual leadership and confidence that only God can bring about. The list of themes down thru the years describes the path that God has laid out for this ministry.


In 2001, “CARRYING OUT THE PASTOR’S VISION… SENT BY GOD” and after being blessed with land for the Christian Community Center by 2002 we were “OVERCOMING OBSTACLES ONE PRAYER AT A TIME”. First lady and Mother Mary Thames began to pray for babies and God blessed in abundance in 2003 while we “SHH! QUIET GOD IS WORKING” and “PRESERVING THE CHILDREN’S BREAD in 2004”. While “WALKING IN THE LIGHT” of 2005 and making sure to “LET DOWN YOUR NETS” in 2006. God “FILLED WITH THE SPRIRIT “ in 2007 while “MOVING TO ANOTHER DIMENSION” by 2008.  As the bridges that brought us over to 2009, with “THE WORD IS OUR LIGHT” in 2010 “THEY NEED NOT DEPART, GIVE THEM TO EAT”. So by 2011, we “WE’RE OVERCOMING BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB” and in 2012 we’re reminded that, “THE REWARD IS GREATER THAN THE TASK”.


With each passing year the vision comes to maturity and on April 15, 2012 Bishop decided it was time to make the pilgrimage across the street to the new edifice. After Sunday School the line up formation began from Pastor, leadership and congregation to march from building one on 46 Ironwood to the new Christian Community Center on 45 Ironwood also known as building two, to continue the genesis of the vision. Phase one is the first floor at 10,000 sq feet that houses the sanctuary, classrooms, nursery, office space, atrium, dining and kitchen area. On the second floor is 3,000 sq. feet of audio/video rooms, office space, classrooms, library, lounge and computer labs. God has also brought about a third building to offer storage, exercise equipment and pavilion. As we believe God and follow the pastors vision which includes a basketball court, walking track and soccer field. God is still the purpose of it all.


In recent years God continues to bless by his mighty move in HIS services. From the youth receiving the Holy Ghost in praise dance practice to the moment that God called a shut in for the men and then later for the women. There was an experience of unity amongst the saints as a result. In 2013 on the 32nd church anniversary God continues to bless as a result of when, “HUMBLE PEOPLE PRAY” and later that year on June 22, 2013 the dedication of the Bishop Rodgers Archie Fellowship Hall became the remembrance of the foundation and teaching of the Apostolic Doctrine from one Bishop to another. Truly every moment at Jesus Church Ministries, is history in the making and the building of God’s Kingdom.

Bishop Mingo Thames was born in Harpersville, MS located in Scott County to the late Janie Odom Thames and Jim Thames.  He relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana at the early age of twelve. He attended Crispus Attucks High School and was drafted into the army during the Vietnam War from 1964-1965. After returning home he gain employment with General Motors at the Detroit Diesel Allison plant. After many years of searching for answers bishop received Jesus Christ in his life in 1974 at the Fold of Christ Apostolic Church under the leadership of his father-in-law Bishop Rogers Archie.  In this ministry Bishop Thames was ordained as an Elder and began to have a desire for souls to be saved. Bishop Thames is married to Mother Mary Louise Archie Thames.  This wondrous union has been sustained for 47 years.  Bishop has four children, Kenny,  Anita, Mingo II, and Requel and 8 grandchildren. After moving back to Mississippi his job at GM transferred him to the Delco Remy plant in Laurel, MS.  At this time he began pastoring a new assembly named Samuel’s Temple.  After a short period there the Lord led him to begin ministry in his home. This would eventually open doors for a new church building.  In 1985, Jesus Church Ministry of the Apostolic Faith was birthed with Pastor Mingo Thames as founder and pastor.  He later retired from Delco Remy in 1997. He has continually blessed the church and the community with his wisdom, interpretation, and revelation of the scriptures.  He has a strong belief that saints should read the book of Proverbs in the morning to receive direction and guidance for the day.  Then read the book of Psalms at night to replenish ones soul of all that has been released during the course of the day to live a saved life. He is a Bishop that will help you do good but continually expresses that he will not help you do bad.  He has helped many to receive new life with his patience, longsuffering and understanding of their situations.  His thought is that God is patient with us and so we must be patient with others. His firmness in the Bible rest with Romans 8: 28 “And we know that all things work together for the good, for them who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.”

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